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I am an experienced conference speaker, inspirational Bible teacher, author & founder of Unlocked Ministries.

Personally…In 1996 I was struggling in every way you can possibly imagine. A handsome man, I was scared to death of, asked to cook my turkey burger at a barbeque on the 4th of July, and I was rescued instantly. I didn’t know I was rescued. But, he literally loved me so much, he introduced me to the ultimate lover of my soul: Jesus. I have never been the same. I really don’t need to tell you anything else; he’s that good. Without, my husband Phillip, I don’t know where I would be. I am loved by him, and I love him back like crazy, and because of all that love- we created two incredible boys! Every day I pinch myself that God gave them to me, because they are fantastic, minus the piles of laundry and fowl teenage boy odor. Dorothy said it best, there’s no place like home, as there is no place I would rather be. I love my friends to pieces, and I must cook and bake for them. It’s a thing. So, we eat a lot in our home, play games and hang out.

Purposefully…I fell into writing, and I have yet to look back. I have always been a lover of words, valued them, and knew they carried weight. The written Word of God profoundly changed my life, and that’s when I knew the kind of weight words carried. Words matter. Ever notice we love music because the words transport us to someplace in our minds? The same is true for books. And yet, I cannot adequately explain to you how much I love words, and hope to write a zillion books with the effort to make Jesus more known.

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Passionately…I love Jesus. I just can’t get over Him. He turned this orphan into a daughter, and now, I desire to help other women come to know their value as a daughter to the King. I am keenly aware that throughout our lives there have been events and trials we’ve experienced, that have written on the canvas of who we are, and in those trials; the enemy has spoken lies to us. Those lies have left marks on our identity, therefore, we struggle to become all God has created and redeemed us to be. I love women and HGTV; both because of transformation. There is nothing like seeing a woman come to understand that she is more than her past mistakes and she is passionately loved by Jesus. Nothing. I love that Jesus hung out with really “sorted” people. Yep. I’ve been one. Most of us have, and I don’t try to hide that anymore. I testify about it. If you or someone you know has ever been one of those folks; we’re family.

Profoundly…Here is what some really gifted people came up with about me:

  • Kerrie has led thousands to be healed through her testimony and teachings. For over 10 years, her message has enabled women to:

  • Understand their value/identity only comes from God.

  • Discover how to receive inner healing from the scars of their past.

  • Replace doubt, shame, and regret, with truth, confidence, and praise.

  • Stop unhealthy thinking and learn to love who they are, and all of their testimony.

  • Kerrie’s most recent endeavor, Revived: from the me I used to be, was released April 14, 2014.

People…I think we can better this kingdom together. That’s why it’s called a kingdom. But, don’t think I have it all together, because I assure you; I do not. Moving every day to become the “me I was created to be,” is what I’m after. I get it wrong sometimes, and sometimes I get it right, but one thing remains; Jesus. Let’s make an impact for Him together.

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